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View Employee Details

Employees can view their personal, emergency contact, banking and super fund details. Any changes required can be communicated to the payroll administrator so they can update accordingly.



The employee’s calendar displays submitted leave, recorded unavailability, published shifts and other employees’ approved leave. Great feature for the employee to be able to view a snapshot of work related events.


Edit Employee Details

Employees can edit their personal, emergency contact, banking and super fund details and upload their own profile picture. Employees can even specify multiple bank accounts and super funds so they get paid exactly how they want to.


Employees can enter their unavailability up to a certain number of days (as determined by you) before it occurs. Recording unavailability assists managers when assigning shifts to employees as this is displayed in the roster.


Expense Management

Employees can submit expense reimbursements to their manager for approval and attach a receipt or tax invoice. All approved expense reimbursements are automatically applied in the pay run. A record of all expense reimbursement requests are retained for the employee to view at any time.


Other Documents

Administrators are able to upload documents, such as employment contracts or policies, and make them available for employees to view online. Additionally, any document attached to a leave request or expense reimbursement will automatically be made visible to an employee.



Employees can create and/or amend timesheets for each shift worked. These timesheets are then submitted to the employee’s manager for approval before being imported directly into the pay run. A record of all timesheets are retained for the employee to view at any time.


Pay Slips & Payment Summaries

Employees can view, download and email their pay slips and payment summaries at any time once they have been published by the payroll administrator.


Leave Management

Employees can submit leave requests to their manager and be notified when the request has been actioned. All pending and approved leave requests can then be bulk applied in the pay run. Employees can view their historic leave transactions and balances at any time and also view other employees’ approved leave within their calendar.

More features

There are lots of other features in Payroo that might help you, check them out.


Single Touch Payroll

"Automatically and securely report payroll information to the ATO through single touch feature."


Pay Conditions Engine

"Create your own rule sets for any award or enterprise agreement to automate your business processes."



"Rostering staff with real time shift costs will help you easily manage your staffing costs."


No lock-in contracts, no hidden fees.







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  • Timesheets & Rostering
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • ATO Electronic Lodgements
  • Quaterly Super Proccessing

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